John Vanderslice

Although @BadBadHats are home from tour (for the moment), they're brewing up quite the rest of 2018! Until then, g… night!! @BadBadHats release party for #LightningRound is going down at @FirstAvenue! 8pm, $15, 18+ Cli…'ll just leave this here: @BadBadHats #LightningRound the digital version of the new @BadBadHats album is up now for download --> midnight tonight, you will be able to purchase the digital WAV version of the breathtaking new @BadBadHats album… are beyond thrilled to share the latest single and video from @BadBadHats with our friends at @RollingStone!! C… @BadBadHats FRIDAY


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John Vanderslice
Pixel Revolt
John Vanderslice
Cellar Door
John Vanderslice
Life and Death of An American Fourtracker
John Vanderslice
Time Travel Is Lonely



In ten short years, John Vanderslice's musical legacy already leaves listeners with seven critically-acclaimed and carefully crafted albums. JV's meticulous consideration to color, warmth, and depth of sound (his all-analog recording studio, Tiny Telephone, contributing additionally as an instrument) as well as his sophisticated narrative lyrical content have secured his place in the canon of great American songwriters.

As much as JV's albums are for those who love great melodies and words into which to sink their teeth, they are also for audiophiles. As such, many of JV's back catalog titles (excluding the still-in-print "Romanian Names" LP via Dead Oceans, and "Emerald City" LP via Barsuk) will be made brought back into print by Minneapolis-based Afternoon Records this fall. "Time Travel Is Lonely" (2001), "Life and Death of an American Fourtracker" (2002), "Cellar Door" (2004), and "Pixel Revolt"(2005) will all be pressed on high-quality RTI-vinyl and sold with bonus digital download coupons.


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