Dream Brother

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Dream Brother
Uppr Dwnr
Dream Brother
Islands & More Islands
Dream Brother
Haunted Heart / Pretty Eyes


"'Islands' is the quintessential 'getting there' track. It's the sound you start a trip to, overcome an obstacle with, or just belt out in the middle of the freeway while driving at a high rate of speed. It hovers right on the edge of breaking loose, lets the emotions swell, and then the synth kicks in and the dam breaks. The two tracks make a killer combination."
- Sirens of Decay


"It's been six months since we last heard from Dream Brother, the experimental recording project helmed by One For the Team's Ian Anderson. Back in January, Anderson released a pair of tracks that found him collaborating with Paul Sprangers of Free Energy and John Vanderslice; this time around, Anderson teamed up with Grant Cutler (formerly of Lookbook, now of Grant Cutler and the Gorgeous Lords, WolfLords) for a digital 7" called Islands & More Islands.

For those longing to hear a more straightforward pop performance from Cutler, first track 'Islands' is a welcome foray. Anderson lays down angelic vocal layers behind a driving, '80s-inspired beat and bright guitar riffs, leaving plenty of space for Cutler's rich and typically under-utlized voice to shine through. As the title suggests, B-side 'More Islands' plays in a similar sandbox, but offers up a darker new wave vibe. If all of his Dream Brother releases are executed this well, it'll be well worth the wait between tracks."

- Local Current, Andrea Swensson