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Today is a big day!! @BadBadHats have released a brilliant three-song EP and we can't wait for you to hear it! Yo… one and only @BadBadHats leave for a massive tour today and they may have left us all a little present this mor…'re thrilled to share a wonderful version of "Automatic" from @BadBadHats today! "We were inspired to try anoth… @BadBadHats are home from tour (for the moment), they're brewing up quite the rest of 2018! Until then, g… night!! @BadBadHats release party for #LightningRound is going down at @FirstAvenue! 8pm, $15, 18+ Cli…


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Bad Bad Hats
Wide RIght EP
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Bad Bad Hats
Automatic (Piano Version)
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Lightning Round
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Psychic Reader
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It Hurts
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"superb début."
The New Yorker

"9.0 ... The album proves to be unpredictable from track to track, adding splashes of crunchy garage-rock where others would've gone full-blown syrupy. Bad Bad Hats have concocted an effervescent record worthy of refill after refill."

"Addictive hooks with melodic nods imbued with wistful lyricism and retro guitar riffs."
- Interview Magazine

"Pop verses give way suddenly to a choppy, plugged-in bridge and chorus, which Alexander sings both sweetly and with fists up."

"Clever, fresh, and earnest."
- Pitchfork

"A gritty two-and-a-half minutes of wobbly bass, wailing guitar, and front woman Kerry Alexander's slinky vocals, it is a blast and there is more like this to come."
- The Fader


Bad Bad Hats is an indie rock band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. The band consists of Kerry Alexander, Chris Hoge, and Connor Davison. Named for a trouble-making character from the Madeline children’s books, Bad Bad Hats is defined by a balance of sweet and sour. Their music honors classic pop songwriting, with nods to nineties rock simplicity and pop-punk frivolity. Through it all, Alexander’s unflinchingly sincere lyrics cut to the emotional heart of things.

Alexander and Hoge met while attending Macalester College in Saint Paul, Minnesota. In 2012, they formed Bad Bad Hats with friend and bassist Noah Boswell, and began performing around the Twin Cities. That same year, they were signed by Minneapolis label Afternoon Records. Their 2015 debut album Psychic Reader caught the attention of outlets including The New Yorker, NPR, Pitchfork, and Paste. Since the release of Psychic Reader, Bad Bad Hats has toured the U.S. extensively, supporting artists including Margaret Glaspy, Hippo Campus, and Third Eye Blind.

Lightning Round, the band’s second full-length album, finds Bad Bad Hats more confident and mature than ever. Producer and collaborator Brett Bullion (who also produced Psychic Reader) encouraged the group to record live in the studio, an approach which pushed the band outside of their comfort zone and lends many songs on the record a loose, organic feel. There is a vulnerability in this (fluttering tape loops, a few wrong notes) and it makes the music on the new album feel as honest and unpredictable as Alexander’s lyrics. In this spontaneous environment, Hoge, who is known to play every instrument in the band, delivers some of his most inspired musical performances yet.

As for Alexander, she’s still writing love songs, ones that recount with cinematic swell the subtle joy and pain of the everyday. Her vocals are supported by open, breathing arrangements that feature lush keyboard sounds and woody guitar tones. Davison was recruited to play drums on the album and became a full-time member in the process. His drumming and melodic contributions give the new songs a level of nuance not heard in previous releases.

Lightning Round marks the final release with contributions from original member Noah Boswell, who will be leaving the group this fall to pursue a master’s degree. Bad Bad Hats continues with Alexander, Hoge, and Davison. They have plans to tour the country this year.


Ian Anderson // Afternoon Records

Sarah Avrin // Girlie Action

Ian Anderson // The Math Team

Photos by Zoe Prinds-Flash